$300 Short Term Loans


$300 ASMSU/COGS Loan: Room 307, call 517-355-8266

ASMSU administers a $300 interest-free loan program for all students, including graduate & professional students.  The loan is interest-free for 8 weeks. This loan is available to apply online! Since the loan fund is a limited resource, money may not always be available. Loans are only available during the first 6 weeks of classes during the semester. Call 517-355-8266 if you have questions.

Go to:  for more information and to apply. Call 517-355-8266 with questions.  Or visit in person at Room 307 Student Services bldg.


$500 COGS Short Term Loans

The Office of Financial Aid administers a COGS-funded Interest-Free $500 loan program. Applications for the $500 loan are available in-person only at 252 Student Services, and take 2-3 business days to process. Make sure you write  COGS LOAN clearly at the top of the application form! This loan is interest-free for up to 60 days.  Call 517-353-5940 if you have questions.

Contact Information: 

Student Services Building
556 E. Circle Drive
$500 COGS Loan: Room 252, call 517-353-5940

*NOTE: Loans are NOT serviced from the COGS Office.

Please note: COGS is working with OFA to be able to host the application for the $500 loan online, but currently that is only available via In-Person application. 

MSU Short Term Loans: 

We understand that it is not always convenient to apply in person. If you are unable to apply for the COGS loans due to logistics, please know that MSU also offers short-term loans, at a low interest rate, that can be applied for online through the Office of Financial Aid. You can read more about that here:  *scroll down and open the section on “Short Term loans”