$300 Short Term Loans

ASMSU administers a $300 loan program for COGS. To obtain a loan, bring a valid MSU ID and a picture ID to 307 Student Services. The loan is interest-free for 8 weeks. Since the loan fund is a limited resource, money may not always be available. Loans are only available during the first 6 weeks of classes during the semester. Call 517-355-8266 if you have questions.

$500 Short Term Loans

The Office of Financial Aid administers a COGS-funded $500 loan program. Applications for the $500 loan are available in 252 Student Services, and take 2-3 business days to process. Make sure you write  COGS LOAN clearly at the top of the application form! This loan is interest-free for up to 60 days.  Call 517-353-5940 if you have questions.


Contact Information: 

Student Services Building
556 E. Circle Drive
$300 Loan: Room 307, call 517-355-8266
$500 Loan: Room 252, call 517-353-5940

*NOTE: Loans are NOT serviced from the COGS Office.