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The Graduate School

Established in 1994, the Graduate School’s mission is to serve as an advocate for graduate education to the university and beyond and to enhance the quality of graduate education at MSU in all its diverse dimensions. 

The GSRR specifically addresses student conduct, academic pursuits, keeping of records and publications, and describes procedures for formulating regulations governing student conduct.

Graduate Employees Union

Graduate Employees Union – We exist as a labor union to make the Michigan State University community a better place in which to work and study. The Graduate Employees Union works to make MSU a more democratic, equitable, dynamic, and diverse community.

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Student Affairs and Services
Student Affairs and Services at Michigan State University creates a multitude of opportunities for students on campus, in the community, and throughout our global society.

Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities

The purpose of the RCPD is firmly centered on maximizing the opportunities at Michigan State for students of all abilities.

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English Language Center

The ELC has a number of different language and culture programs for students who want to improve their English skills by studying in an English speaking environment.

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Acronyms Commonly Used at Michigan State University

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Olin Health Center – Olin Health Center is the primary health care facility for MSU students.  Olin Health Center is home to primary care, psychiatry, allergy/immunizations, sports medicine, and health education services.

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On-campus Housing

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Off-campus Housing


Learn about campus dining plans here

MSU Food Bank

MSU Food Bank – The MSU Student Food Bank is intended to provide supplemental food and other necessities for students and their families who are in need of this type of support.

MSU Student ID Office

Replace or obtain an MSU student ID.

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Restrict the information viewable on the public MSU directory.

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Campus Bus System (CATA)


All campus bus service is provided by the Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA). For 2020-21, CATA’s Spartan Service operates four dedicated free-fare campus routes serve university apartments, residence halls, commuter lots and main campus facilities throughout the day and evening.

You can purchase a bus pass for other routes at the MSU ID Office   as well as at other off-campus locations or online at the CATA site. More information on Bus Fares and Passes can also be found HERE

MSU Bikes

When a bicycle is possessed or operated on campus, it must be registered, parked and locked at a bike rack and in operable condition. Register your bicycle through the MSUPD.

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We serve as the Police Department for Michigan State University, with sworn police officers certified by the State of Michigan. We handle all police and criminal matters on all MSU property. It is our mission to enhance the quality of life on campus, by building relationships, strengthening stewardship, and working collaboratively within our diverse community to reduce crime, enforce laws, preserve peace, and provide for a safe environment…

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Office of the University Ombudsperson: 

The Ombudsman helps staff members, instructors, and administrators sort through university rules and regulations that might apply to specific student issues and concerns. We also identify MSU policies that may need revision.

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Conflict Resolution Pathways: 

The Department of Student Life provides a variety of programs and services designed to provide faculty, staff and students with the means to resolve conflict peacefully and to help restore members of our community when harm is done. You will find a comprehensive listing of these programs on our page.

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Office for Civil Rights and Title IX

The mission of our office is to educate all campus community members regarding how to prevent, identify, and report discrimination, harassment, and gender-based violence; to monitor complaints of discrimination, harassment, and gender-based violence, conduct a fair and equitable investigation of each complaint, and use information from monitoring and investigations to inform prevention education; to connect those affected by discrimination, harassment, and gender-based violence with campus and community resources that will allow them to move forward.

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Prevention, Outreach and Education Department (POE)

The Prevention, Outreach and Education (POE) Department promotes safety and improves quality of life by educating members of the MSU campus community on sexual assault and relationship violence, eliminating violence on campus, empowering staff, faculty and students to become advocates for a non-violent community and positively affecting social change.

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Dean of Students Office

“The Dean of Students Office supports student success by ensuring a civil and inclusive learning environment based on academic and personal integrity. All community members have a responsibility for establishing, maintaining, and fostering a commitment to our shared values, ethical decision-making, and personal and collective excellence. The Dean of Students Office supports personal and community accountability and addresses conduct inconsistent with the Spartan Code of Honor with honesty, respect, and fairness.”

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Financial Aid Information – Graduate Students

From the Office of Financial Aid

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Financial Aid – College of Law

Financial Aid Resources for College of Law students

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Student Fees & Taxes

Explained by Office of Financial Aid

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Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar is an academic service unit, reporting to the Associate Provost for Academic Services. In collaboration with the Office of Admissions and the Office of Financial Aid, the Office of the Registrar provides services and information to students, faculty, staff, and other constituencies. Our core functions include: academic records and transcripts; certificates and diplomas; classroom and event scheduling; degree certification; enrollment and registration; grade collection and recording; fee classification; student athlete and veterans certification; and transfer credit processing. In addition, we provide support for the curriculum and lead internal, cross-unit, and institution-wide initiatives.

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Spartan Athletics

The official home of Spartan Athletics.

STA Travel: 

Through STA’s partnership with MSU, Students can access travel assistance for study/research abroad and away.  Speak with an STA Travel Expert about your travel plans by calling 800-495-6097, or email: