Full Council

The Council of Graduate Students (COGS) is the constitutionally authorized government for all graduate and professional students at Michigan State University.

COGS is based on a parliamentary system. Each department elects a Representative to sit on the COGS Full Council. The Full Council conducts monthly meetings, open to the public, to discuss issues important to graduate and professional students and vote on policy. For more information about representation on the full council, please see here.

Fall 2023 & Spring 2024 Full Council Meetings:

All meetings will be hybrid  – at 110 Chittenden hall and via Zoom, on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30 PM EST. COGS Full Council Meetings are open to the public.  Please email us at if you would like to receive the Zoom Link(s) for any of our full council meetings. If you are interested in coming in-person, kindly inform the office so that we may monitor room capacity.

Fall 2023 Full Council Meetings:

September 20

October 18

November 15

December 6

Spring 2024 Full Council Meetings:

January 17

February 21

March 13

April 17


Graduate & Professional Student Committee Service

COGS appoints graduate and professional students to a variety of COGS and University committees in order to provide the graduate/professional student voice in developing policy. You do not have to be a COGS representative to serve on a committee. Please email our office if interested.

Serve on a University Hearing Board for 2024-25! Apply Now!

Hearing board members play a critical and valuable role in ensuring that those involved in allegations that a student violated experience a fair process, while also being both supported and held accountable (if found responsible). For more information, please visit:

Priority will be given to applications received by January 26th, click  Hearing Board Application  to apply now!

If you have questions, please email ( and or call the Office of Student Support & Accountability at 517-884-0789.

University Committees

Listed in this section are the Committees, the number of seats allotted for COGS appointments, and the committee description. Click on the Icon above the listing to go to the website for the committee.

COGS Committees

Listed in this section are the COGS Committees, the number of seats allotted, and the committee description.