COGS Storefront

The following link can be used to purchase all COGS tickets and service items available to Graduate and Professional Students at MSU.  These include Wharton Center tickets and other special events throughout the year. Items will be added as they become available.

Upcoming Events

Coffee & Connection! Join Us!

Coffee and connection event 12.9.22

On Friday 12/09 COGS will be hosting another Coffee & Connection! It will be held from 9AM – 10AM at Constellation Cat Cafe – 3320 E Lake Lansing Rd.  Warm up with some hot coffee and fluffy kitty cats!

Stay tuned for more CC events next semester! Note that we’ll be changing locations/days/times throughout the semester so hopefully you will find time to come out and say hello and get to know the campus community along the way.

Thriving in Graduate School – COGS+GSLW Workshop Series

Thanks to all who came out to our Thriving In Graduate School 3-part Workshop Series this semester! We hope to offer more sessions like this next semester, so stay tuned!

We tried to record the events but were not entirely successful. So please feel free to peruse the linked slides and reach out to Dr. Meg Moore at Graduate Student Life & Wellness if you’d like to ask questions, schedule a meeting or just say hello! Email:

Starting Strong in Graduate School: Stress Management – Tuesday, September 6 from 4-5pm   RECORDED EVENT 9.6.22

Whether you are just beginning in a graduate/professional degree program or are trying to enter this year with a fresh perspective, come to this session and discuss concrete ways to have a strong start. We’ll talk about how to set yourself up for success by knowing the rights and resources available to you at MSU. We’ll also share stress-management and time-management tips that will help you get the most out of your very limited time.

Staying Strong in Graduate School: Increasing Motivation – Tuesday, October 11 from 4-5pm  MOTIVATION SLIDES (sorry! recording/audio not available)

One of the most difficult things about graduate school is having to sustain high levels of motivation for a very long time. If you are feeling your motivation fading and aren’t sure how to keep going, you are not alone! In this workshop, we will talk about specific strategies to build and/or recover sustainable motivational structures and practices in your life.

Finishing Strong in Graduate School: Preventing Burnout – Tuesday, November 15 from 4-5pm  PREVENTING BURNOUT SLIDES (sorry! recording/audio not available)

When it’s crunch time, we can push ourselves to the point of burnout, and once we’re truly burned out it may take a long time to recover. If we catch it early, we can stop ourselves from getting so overwhelmed that we shut down. We’ll talk about how to know when you’re getting close to burnout, and ways you can prevent it.