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The 12th Annual Graduate Academic Conference is scheduled for February 22, 2020!

More information will be provided in the coming months, so stay tuned! This conference provides a great opportunity to fine-tune your presentation skills and gain valuable insight on how to communicate your research to a generalized audience.  You’ll receive feedback on your poster or oral presentation from a slate of adjudicators and winner of the 3MT qualifies to go on to the regional competition. Workshops, abstract submission information and deadlines will be announced and provided to departments soon. Check back here for updates.


The 1th Annual Graduate Academic Conference took place on Saturday, February 16, 2019 at the MSU Union. 8:30 am – 5 pm 

“Where Minds Meet World: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Application”

Thanks to everyone who came out to the 11th Annual Graduate Academic Conference on February 16, 2019 and congratulations to all of our presenters.

In particular, congrats to the top presenters:

Poster Presentations:

1st:  Azrina Azrina with the presentation titled ‘Salmonella typhimurium: Specific Signatures as Targets for Detection by Using DNA Aptamer in Foods and Enviroments’.

2nd: Albert Jiao with the presentation titled ‘Reversal of Cancer Gene Expression Predicts drug Candidates for Cholangiocarcinoma’.

3rd: Saba Manzoor with the presentation titled ‘Effects of seasonal variations on distribution patterns of Common Myna (Acridotheres tristis) in rural and urban zones of Central Punjab, Pakistan’.

Oral Presentations:

1st: Kellie Walters with a presentation titled ‘Temperature and daily light integral influence growth and development of sweet basil’

2nd: Matthew Swiatnicki with a presentation titled ‘Whole genome sequencing of mouse mammary tumors reveals a Ptprh mutation with potential importance to non-small cell lung cancer’

3rd: Lauren Kiryakoza with a presentation titled ‘Concerted transcriptomic and lipidomic analysis highlights altered lipid metabolism in humane diabetic retinopathy, particulary in phosphatidylcholine and diacylglycerol generative pathways’

3MT Competition:

1st: Azrina Azrina with a presentation titled ‘Salmonella typhimurium: Specific Signatures as Targets for Detection by Using DNA Aptamer in Food and Environments’

2nd: Pretap Bhanu Solanski with a presentation titled ‘Staying Connected in the Underwater Realm via Light’

3rd: Tyler Derr with a presentation titled ‘Multi-Factor Congressional Vote Prediction’

Please see here for article  – The State News

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Keynote Speaker : Fabian Koark

Fabian Koark gained his expertise with KMW, Daimler, BMW, ZF, TRW, Bosch, Continental, KSPG, SAIC and Dräxlmaier in Germany, USA and China. He joined INVENSITY in 2009, after his studies at the TU Darmstadt, the University of California and his consulting experience within the St. Gallen Consulting Group and Lufthansa Systems. As consultant for engineering projects and organization, he is an asked expert for system and organization optimization. He is well-regarded as referent and author of publications.

In 2011, he established the Center of Excellence for Organizational Change. Since 2016, Fabian Koark manages all North American activities from the INVENSITY office in Detroit, Michigan.


1. Creating an Excellent CV/Resume

Practical training on how to make your CV or Resume stand out. Bring your current CV/Resume and a computer or tablet if you can. This workshop will be lead by John Vasquez who is a Ph.D. career services consultant at MSU.

2. Translating Research to Creative Expression

This workshop is very interactive. Participants learn about the use of simile and metaphor by explaining their own research in terms of someone else’s hobby. Participants can also write a poem explaining their research. Writing the poem helps participants find the “center of gravity” of their research story. This workshop will be lead by David Poulson, a science journalism professor at MSU and Karl Gude, an artist who teaches creative thinking and problem solving through graphics and other visual techniques.

What is 3MT?

 Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) celebrates the exciting research conducted by PhD students around the world. Developed by The University of Queensland (UQ), the competition cultivates students’ academic, presentation, and research communication skills. Presenting in a 3MT competition increases their capacity to effectively explain their research in three minutes, in a language appropriate to a non-specialist audience. Competitors are allowed one PowerPoint slide, but no other resources or props.  The winner of MSU’s 3MT competition will have the opportunity to compete at the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools (MAGS) 3MT in March 2019. Students must be enrolled during the Spring 2019 semester to compete. Please click on the LINK below for more information.  You may also visit for more information on 3MT.


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