COGS Committees

COGS Constitution and Bylaws Committee

The constitution and Bylaws committee does not meet regularly but rather is convened as needed with the purpose of working on proposed language for the COGS constitution in consultation with the COGS appointed legal counsel. The committee is chaired by the Parliamentarian of COGS. 1 year term. 5 seats.

COGS Finance Committee

The Finance Committee meets once a month to evaluate and prepare proposals of financial actions including funding requests and other pending financial matters. This committee is chaired by the Treasurer of COGS. 1-year term. 5 seats. 

COGS Graduate Academic Conference (GAC) Committee

 The Graduate Academic Conference is an annual conference that takes place in February.  The GAC gives graduate & professional students the opportunity to present their work to a diverse and educated community, promote interdisciplinary networking, and further develop public speaking skills. The committee will design, organize, and run the event.  Members will be selected by GAC Chair through interview/vetting process and requires high level of committment to work as a team to produce this highly anticipated event.  1-year term. (4-7 seats)

COGS Graduate Welfare Committee

The Graduate Welfare Committee reviews issues pertaining to the welfare of all graduate students including social engagement and wellness of the graduate student body. This committee is chaired by the Vice President for External Affairs of COGS. 1-year term. (# Seats determined by Chair)

COGS Equity and Anti Discrimination Committee

This group focuses on issues of equity and anti-discrimination specific to graduate students as well as advocating for a more equitable, inclusive culture campus-wide. The COGS Director of Equity and Inclusion Committee shall sit on this committee and will act as non-voting committee chair. 1-year term. Further committee information per Bylaws, section

COGS Representation Committee

Make recommendations to the Full Council for the granting of or removal of COGS representative membership for student organizations representing the diversity of graduate students at Michigan State University. 1-year term.