Student Legal Services

*NOTE: Legal Services are NOT administered out the COGS office.

For more information on student legal aid, visit

COGS and ASMSU have joined together to provide funding to make available a wide range of legal services to MSU students.  To access these services, please contact the office for Student Legal Services: (517) 353-3716


This service is free to all graduate students. The plan enables students to consult a staff attorney on many legal matters such as landlord/tenant problems, small claims, traffic offenses, and minor criminal/civil matters. For more specialized needs, students are refereed to other area attorneys.

The Students Defender Division of legal services provides students with advice concerning University regulations, judiciary programs, and any other type of paralegal help necessary to resolve intra-university problems. Student Legal Services is located in Room 329, Student Services Building. Due to the large number of phone calls and potential problems, no legal advice of any kind will be given over the phone. Call or stop by the office to make an appointment.

Student Legal Services
Located in the Student Services Bldg. – Room 329
556 E. Circle Drive
(517) 353-3716

For Off-Campus Graduate & Professional Students:  Legal Services are available via Skype:

Student Legal Services is offering free legal advice via Skype interviews for eligible MSU graduate and professional students who attend classes away from the main campus in East Lansing. In order to make sure that Student Legal Services can provide the highest level of service, we ask that you to do the following in order to make a Skype appointment:

  1. Contact Student Legal Services at 517-353-3716 between the hours of 8-12 and 1-5 Monday through Friday to set up an appointment and obtain the Skype ID for Student Legal Services.
  1.  All necessary documents (leases, letters, contracts, traffic citations, etc.) should be scanned and emailed ( or faxed (517-432-1999) to the Student Legal Services office at least one day in advance of your appointment.
  2. Please ensure that you are in a quiet area for your interview so that you can hear and be heard easily. Remember, if you choose to use a public location for this interview, your conversation may be heard by others.
  3. Appointments will begin promptly at the scheduled time, and it is your responsibility to place the call and to assume all associated costs, including any connection fees.