Policy Change Public Comment and Feedback

Graduate and professional students are governed by a number of university policies, two of which are currently under review (see below).  A subcommittee of the University Committee on Student Affairs has proposed a number of amendments to these documents.

The Council of Graduate Students is facilitating the solicitation of public comment and feedback on these changes from the graduate and professional student body.  It is vital at this stage in the process, that graduate and professional students review the proposed changes and provide feedback as these policies have lasting effects on student life.

This policy outlines the framework the student conduct system operates under.

This policy governs the conduct of all Michigan State University students.

Your anonymous feedback will be reviewed by both the University Committee on Student Affairs policy subcommittee and the Council of Graduate Student. We will use this data to inform how to move forward. We welcome all comments, questions, concerns, and any other feedback your might have.

The deadline for public comment and feedback is Wednesday, March 15 at midnight.